Website and E-commerce Building

Our team of experts specializes in designing responsive websites and setting up robust e-commerce platforms. We ensure your online presence is optimized for user experience and conversion. From website design to inventory management, payment gateway integration, and customer support, we handle it all. Partner with us to establish a strong digital footprint and drive your e-commerce success.

What we do?

We are specialize in crafting websites that are custom-made to fit your business needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality services at affordable prices. Our team works hand-in-hand with you, employing a unique approach that incorporates a range of adaptable techniques and processes to meet your website’s specific demands.


✔️ Modern, efficient tools.
✔️ Unique approaches to making websites.
✔️ Collaborative, team players.
✔️ Ongoing relationships.

Suitable for business

✔️ Premium WordPress & Shopify
✔️ Extra content assistance
✔️ Content & visual driven design methodology
✔️ Team guidance

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Packages made for business

Every Global Headstart package employs a distinct construction method, yielding websites with unique qualities and features. Our approach ensures that each website is finely tailored to the specific needs of the businesses it represents.


Php 60,000


Php 60,000


Php 90,000


Php 110,000


Php 150,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Projects typically take two to three months to go through the entire planning, design and build process. Projects can take less time if you’re ready with your content and ideas.

Everything we do is visible online. You are encouraged to see what we are doing and collaborate!

Our brochure outlines set prices for adding major or minor pages and functionalities. For more complex needs, we’re happy to provide a custom quote.

We use group chats, such as Skype or WhatsApp, and also communicate via emails and Zoom meetings. We adapt to whatever communication method works best for you.

Starfish offers flexible revision terms. During the planning stage, revisions are unlimited. In the later stages, we provide several rounds of revisions, as outlined in our contract.

Upon launch, the website will be under warranty for 90 days against bugs and software errors that may arise.

Yes, all design work, custom content, and custom code will belong to you. The underlying software platform is open source, allowing you to host it anywhere.

For smaller packages (Basic, Essential), the payment terms are 50% down and 50% on completion. For larger packages, payments are divided in 3 equal parts.